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Diploma Programme in Long Term Conditions

Price: £365.00

The cost of your programme will vary depending on the modules that you choose.

This is also a one-off registration fee of £365 for the Diploma Programme. This represents the cost and administration of The Open University Registration Fee. It is non-refundable and non-transferable.

The core theme of the programme is the management of Long Term Conditions. This central theme, explored in depth through the compulsory modules, underpins all other optional modules. This allows students the flexibility to choose a pathway that supports them in their professional career at the same time as developing an in-depth understanding of the key issues relating to the management of Long Term Conditions. In addition, undertaking a programme of study gives students the opportunity to develop practical and professional skills which readily transfer into their workplace.

Part time programme, which has to be completed within 3 years of initial registration.

Accrediting body: The Open University

To ensure you have the correct qualifications to commence the programme you have applied for your application form will be matched to the university entry requirements and if necessary a member of the education team will contact you for further details.

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