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Personalised Care for Long Term Conditions Level 6 module

Course cost £560

Long term conditions are now the most common cause of death and disability in England, with more than 15 million people having one or more long term condition. This places great demand on healthcare resources, accounting for at least 50% of all general practice appointments and 64% of outpatient appointments.

There is a need to provide a more holistic approach to patients’ lives and to empower and assist them in achieving the best healthcare outcomes possible, and this module will therefore be suitable for all health and social care professionals who work with people living with one or more long term condition.

With an ever-increasing population placing greater demands on healthcare resources, this module focuses on the development of knowledge and skills that will support person, family and community centred approaches and delivery methods for managing long term conditions, based on national and international evidence.

Course Details

Notional Study Time: 150 hours (including time to study learning materials and complete assignments)

Assessment Method: 2 assignments, one 500 words and one of 2500 words

Study Method: eLearning

Duration: 4 months

No. of Credits: 15

Accrediting Institution: The Open University

Module Specification: Download

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