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Ethical Issues in Long Term Conditions Level 7 module

Course cost: £600, study day in Warwickshire

This Level 7 module contributes to the development of knowledge and understanding of the ethical principles that should underpin clinical practice. There will be emphasis on ethical frameworks that can be applied to a range of common ethical dilemmas that healthcare professionals face in their day to day activities. Students will have the opportunity to engage in debate and discussion of some selected clinical scenarios such as the denial of long term oxygen therapy to those who continue to smoke, truth telling and letting people die.

This module forms an integral component of a structured route which enables the student to study ethical issues within the context of respiratory care in general. Through a series of formal presentations, lectures and self-directed study, students will be able to articulate the rationale for a particular course of action.

This course is validated by the University of Hertfordshire.

Course code: 7FHH1192

Course Details

Assessment Method: 2,000 word reflective account and engage in assessed online debate

Study Method: Distance learning (includes 1 study day)

Duration: 3 months

No. of Credits: 15 at Level 7

Accrediting Institution: University of Hertfordshire

Course Information Sheet: Download

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